Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wardrobe Flair Vouchers for Xmas

All those people who have been converted to the Colour, Shape, Fit mantra of Wardrobe Flair are no doubt enjoying the compliments and confidence that comes with feeling really good about how they look.

Whether you are heading out to the supermarket (yes even there....) or out with friends and family. Knowing that when you leave the house you look modern, stylish, colourful and feel totally comfortable is a great feeling. Addictive one might even say...

Those of you that have met us know we are totally passionate about helping both men and women to achieve this goal. Most of our clients have struggled in one way or another with knowing what to buy, what suits, who is telling the truth at the shops and just in general making sure their money is used wisely with each purchase while also feeling overwhelmed by the choices in the shops.

We have seen 'hoardrobes' (still one of my favourite sayings thanks to my client - you know who you are - that gave me it!) and minimalists to the point of me going under the bed just trying to see whether they really do only have 6 pieces of clothing.

This Xmas, think about sharing the love. Family members can pitch together to buy a Wardrobe Flair voucher for someone who has struggled with these issues. Or if you feel this person would embrace the experience, purchase a wardrobe flair voucher of any monetary amount that suits you and either the recipient or their family can make up the difference. They can use this money towards a wardrobe consult, or a shop, maybe even some jewellery or a colour and shape party.

All we need to know if who the voucher is going to, who you would like it to say it is from, we sent you the voucher (which looks lovely printed on a colour printer and laminated) and our bank account details and it is as easy as that. Sorted.

If you have any questions about how to go about buying a voucher, email trudi@wardrobeflair.com.

Stay colourful and spread that love!

Trudi www.wardrobeflair.com

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